About us

We are very proud to introduce our brand! On the 21st of January 2015, we founded the brand Shark Protectors. Being game collectors ourselves, we were not satisfied with the display cases that were currently available on the market; they either looked very cheap, felt too thin, didn’t fit perfectly, kept opening on the sides or, more importantly, didn’t add that special touch to our collection. As a result, we created our own solution: Shark Protectors!

We know what the real collector needs when it comes to game cases: perfection! And we are not easy to please! What do we expect? 1. The highest quality PET (hard case) 2. A perfect snug fit (no extra room for the game box to move around in!)  3. Locks on the sides to prevent the case from opening accidentally and to keep dust out 4. The most important thing: the clearest, hardest PET material available! Just like a hard case!

After many months of careful planning and preparation, we created the perfect display cases that are now available for game collectors all over the world. We started with cases for Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gameboy Classic, Gameboy Color & Gameboy Advance. All formats are suitable for PAL (European) & NTSC (American) boxes. We will expand the range of Shark Protectors in the near future. To keep the prices low and save you shipping costs, we decided to work with resellers in many different countries.

Shark Protectors are the new snug-fit hard display cases, made from the highest quality PET plastic (400 micron), fitted with extra locks and have a crystal clear look and an official clear Shark Protectors logo on the back of the display case. The Shark Protectors are by far the highest quality cases in the market and soon will be “THE” brand every game collector wants. Tests have shown that 100% of potential customers (collectors) choose the Shark Protector cases over all the other cases currently available on the market. We are convinced that the Shark Protectors will set the highest standard for real collectors!

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